Spread Those Wings, Miranda!

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Our Miranda is off to another chapter. We will miss you!

Miranda came to us as an intern from the University of Findlay and we have enjoyed her energy, quick-wittedness and passion for design. We are excited to see her excel in the next chapter of her career as she moves back home. She will always be a part of our family. Spread your wings, Miranda!


Here's a message from Miranda:

Signed by Josette has become a second family to me. I started as an intern in January of 2018, and since then I’ve seen so much growth in and around the shop.

I’ve had the amazing opportunity to have had a hand in the designs for the Prince’d campaign, spreading some happy little puns around Findlay. I’ve also been able to create the identities for some of the companies around Findlay. I’ve worked on many of the signs and windows that are up and down Main St.; not just as a designer but also as an installer.

I couldn’t even try to pick a favorite project out of everything I’ve worked on at Josette’s. Every project was unique and special in its own way.

I love working for the shop, and I’m sad to be leaving this family as I begin the next chapter of my life.

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"Prints the Printer" has his summer body!


Obviously, the use of signs is an excellent way to promote your business. It draws attention and promotes awareness. However, signs can be very vulnerable to the elements, especially the sun. And you certainly aren't going to go out and slather your sign with sunscreen, right?

As we approach the longest day of the year (which is June 21, by the way) and the summer sun begins beaming down, here are a few ways to protect your signage!

  • One-way window shades to prevent UV damage to your indoor signs and any products you have on display.

  • Window tints are another option, which follows this same principle.

  • Erect an awning. An awning will prevent sunlight from damaging your indoor signs, and it will also provide additional advertising and branding for your business.

  • For outdoor signage use UV resistant laminate. Laminating your sign is a great idea because it will protect it against all of the elements and not just the sun.

  • For your awning you can opt for UV resistant ink. This will make sure that your branding and information printed on the awning will last its longest. UV resistant ink can also be used on other signs and combined with a laminate.

Sun damage is a fact of owning a sign, whether it's outdoor or indoor next to a window. By applying these tips, you can reduce the risk and effects of the sun and get the absolute most out of your signs!

Get out your sunscreen and call us today! Happy summer!

Summer Time = Pool Time

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Pool safety signage is important for public and privately-owned pools. No trespassing signs, no diving signs and other water safety signs are an excellent way to protect swimmers as well as the pool owner. We can help!

Contact us to order your pool signage!

Here are the rules for public pools in Ohio. Privately-owned pools should also consider safety signage:

Chapter 3701-31 of the Ohio Administrative Code dictates that public pools must observe the following signage requirements:

  • If lifeguard service is not provided, pools must post signs that convey the following notices:

    • Warning, No Lifeguard

    • Swimming alone is not recommended

    • Children must be supervised

  • No diving” signs must be placed every 25 feet along the perimeter of shallow areas (except for wading pools, spas, and spray grounds).

  • When the emergency telephone (or other approved device) is not visible in the pool area, a sign that indicates the location of the nearest emergency telephone must be posted. This sign must also contain the name and phone number of the nearest police station, fire station, and rescue unit as well as any other names and phone numbers likely to be needed in an emergency.

  • When the pool is closed, a sign that states “DANGER – POOL CLOSED” or “WARNING – POOL CLOSED” must be posted.

Pools with water slides must post the following safety recommendations

  • Only one user on the slide or platform at a time. Forming “chains” is prohibited.

    1. Check if the landing area is clear before entering the slide.

    2. Follow the directions of the slide attendant.

    3. Exit the landing area of the slide immediately.

    4. Ride feet first at all times; stopping or changing positions is not allowed.

    5. The minimum user height is ________ (manufacturer’s recommendation).

    6. Speed slides must display additional notices that:

    7. Direct users to remain flat while sliding.

    8. Prohibit life jackets or other flotation devices (unless they are designed for the slide).

  • The statute also designates that spray grounds must post signs with the following instructions:





What good is a sign if you can't read it?

Bad Sign.jpg

And, more importantly, if your customers can't read it!

An effective sign is one of the most important things your business can invest in, so prioritizing readability is key during the design process.

Letter visibility is just one of the factors our designers consider when creating your signs. There are three important factors to consider when talking about letter visibility:

  • Letter height, this is the size of your letter in inches, measured based on the letter X. This is your starting point.

  • Distance for maximum impact, this is approximately how far a person must be from the sign for it to be most effective. This is generally estimated as 10 times the letter height in feet. So a 3 inch letter generally has maximum impact at 30 feet away. A 4 inch letter would be at 40 feet, etc.

  • Maximum readable distance, this is the furthest away someone can be and still read your sign.

We have attached a portion of the same chart we use to determine letter visibility below. Check it out the next time you're planning a project! Remember, these numbers are based on the assumes that the reader is a person with 20/20 vision who is standing still on a clear day.

If you need a professional opinion on your sign's readability or would like the visibility information for larger letters, send us an email or give us a call at 567-208-4227.

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You Need Yard Signs, We Make Yard Signs!

kitten mayor yard sign grass.jpg

When it comes to making sure your signs stand up to the test, you've got three options:

economy stakes.jpg

Economy Stakes: Made of galvanized metal, these stakes are ideal for corrugated signs that will only be outside for a short time or that may not need to be used again.

heavy duty stakes.jpg

Heavy Duty Stakes: Order some corrugated signs you're planning to re-use? These stakes have you covered. They stand up to everything, including hard ground and wind.

real estate signs.jpg

Real-Estate Frames: If you're looking for something a little more permanent, this guy is built to last! The heavy angle-iron frame is perfect for holding your rigid signs while conveying the quality of your brand to your clients.

A Wrap is Not a Fix for Rust

Thinking about wrapping a rust bucket? A wrap is not a fix for rust.

Sure, the wrap may cover up the discoloration, but the thin vinyl will be unable to hide the texture underneath. Additionally, the rust will continue to spread, unseen. Wrap vinyl must be applied to a smooth, clean, and solid surface. It will not stick to rust or dirt, instead flaking off with it and compromising the integrity of your otherwise eye-catching wrap.

Could it still work? Maybe. But nothing is guaranteed and if it doesn't work (and it most likely won't), it won't be covered by the manufacturer warranty. It's not worth the risk.

Our recommendation? Have the rust removed by a reputable body shop and the vehicle repainted and sealed before getting your wrap. By doing this, you minimize the risk of failure and prolong the life of your investment.

Don't take our word for it! Check out this article to learn more. Questions about whether a vehicle wrap is right for you? Shoot us an email or give us a call at 567-208-4227.

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