A Wrap is Not a Fix for Rust

Thinking about wrapping a rust bucket? A wrap is not a fix for rust.

Sure, the wrap may cover up the discoloration, but the thin vinyl will be unable to hide the texture underneath. Additionally, the rust will continue to spread, unseen. Wrap vinyl must be applied to a smooth, clean, and solid surface. It will not stick to rust or dirt, instead flaking off with it and compromising the integrity of your otherwise eye-catching wrap.

Could it still work? Maybe. But nothing is guaranteed and if it doesn't work (and it most likely won't), it won't be covered by the manufacturer warranty. It's not worth the risk.

Our recommendation? Have the rust removed by a reputable body shop and the vehicle repainted and sealed before getting your wrap. By doing this, you minimize the risk of failure and prolong the life of your investment.

Don't take our word for it! Check out this article to learn more. Questions about whether a vehicle wrap is right for you? Shoot us an email or give us a call at 567-208-4227.

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