Vehicle Wraps & Graphics and Vehicle Magnets

• Excellent “Mobile Billboard” advertising
• Different pricing options ensures the right solution for your needs.
• Most economical use of mobile “full color”
• Vehicle graphics enjoy 600 visual impressions per mile


Low cost, non-permanent alternative to providing basic vehicle identification. Magnets are a great option for those wanting to quickly add company identity to a vehicle without spending a lot. This is also a great option for those that require the need to be able to remove the magnet off the vehicle when needed.


Typically, custom manufactured, high performance vinyl. These graphics are installed on the doors of a vehicle and are used for basic identification.


Generally more involved graphics and incorporate larger visual areas, multiple colors, and creative use of vehicle surfaces. Sometimes these graphics utilize elements of full-color, digitally

printed graphics.


Graphics that completely cover (wrap) the vehicle. These packages bring the most impact and visibility to a vehicle and are most effective when used with a distinctive design.

Things to Know Before Wrapping Your Vehicle

When making the decision as to whether a vehicle wrap is right for you, please consider these interesting facts. 

  • WRAPS ARE A REVENUE STREAM, not an expense. Don’t always seek the lowest price and remember that you often get what you pay for.

  • Only Hand Wash: Taking your car to the automatic car wash can cause damage because of excessive water pressure and strong cleaning agents. It is better if you hand wash your wrap with only mild cleanser. Mechanical car washes will void the install guarantee in many cases and are not recommended.

  • Don’t use harsh chemicals: Try not to use harsh cleaning agents. This also means not allowing gasoline to drip on the wrap. Gas and other harsh solvents can eat away and destroy the print. Avoid abrasive cleaning supplies as well because they can scratch the wrap.

  • Hand wax carefully: If you plan on hand waxing your paint, try to make sure the wax doesn’t rub onto the wrap. Many institutions offer wrap polishes that can do the job keeping your vehicle wrap in mind.

  • Take action immediately: Natural outdoor elements can be tough on your wrap. If you see some part of your vehicle wrap wearing, contact your expert at Signed by Josette immediately. The quicker you have it addressed, the better and easier it is to fix.

  • Wraps generate high visibility: Wrapped vehicles are seen by over 9 million other vehicles each year.

  • Wraps get great results: Vehicle graphics generate 2,520 impressions for every single dollar spent on your investment.

  • Behind the wheel: The average American has driven 300 miles in the last 7 days.

  • Captive Audience: Unlike television and radio ads, your ‘behind the wheel’ audience can’t change the channel, so you have their undivided attention.

  • Windows can be wrapped: Perforated vinyl creates a solid image from the outside but is see-through from the inside allowing more flexibility and creativity in the design process.

  • Wraps offer future flexibility, not an expense. Don’t always seek the lowest price and remember that ‘garbage in, garbage out’. 

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